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Michael D. Gwyn
Founder and Principal

   Our company was founded in 1983 when Michael Gwyn started the company in a single room office in Woodstock Virginia.  Active in the brokerage industry, serving on the Board of Directors of the National Trade Association, Transportation Brokers Association, now known as the Transportation Intermediaries Association from 1983 to 1988


   In 1985, as President of the Transportation Brokers Institute he founded the CTB, Certified Transportation Broker program authoring the first exams for the program.  The program remains active today and continues to grow within the Transportation Intermediaries Association.    


   In 1986 he applied for and was granted a trade mark on the company name TRANS SERV as well as the logo utilized by the company. TRANS SERV has managed steady growth over the years and has remained in Woodstock Virginia where the office occupies one of the oldest structures in town. "The Brown House" was built in the 1770’s and has served as the offices for TRANS SERV for the past twenty years.  A family owned and managed company we now have two generations active in the company since 2001, when John Gwyn joined the company. 

"The Brown House"  403 South Main Street   Woodstock,  VA

During normal working hours we do not use an automated answering system. When you call TRANS SERV an actual knowledgeable person will always answer the phone.  After hours we provide our customers with an emergency cell phone number giving you immediate access to a member of our team, any time a situation occurs that requires our attention.

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