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Trans Serv has been providing transportation brokerage services since April 1983, offering quality service to both shippers and carriers, and serving points throughout the continental United States and Canada.


Very few brokers can be proud of a thirty year history. 


We recognize this can only be achieved with the support of the trucking companies who have partnered with us for many years.  We work with our carriers to help meet their needs, and understand the complexities involved with providing transportation.  While we welcome new carriers, it is our company policy to build long term relationships with carriers that provide good service.


We encourage any carrier to do a full credit check on our company.


Payments to our carries are made on a timely and consistent basis.  Prior to dispatch our company will provide a load confirmation agreement that outlines the services to be provided, and clearly states the amount to be paid.  To speed up the payment process, we will accept invoices and proof of delivery via fax or email. 


Carrier credit references are available upon request.

$75,000 BOND


Trans Serv has a BMC-85 bond in the amount of $75,000  To obtain this type of bond a company must post $75,000 in cash with the bonding company.  While many brokers may purchase a bond annually we choose this type of bond to further demonstrate our financial strength.    


If you would like to work with TRANS SERV and reduce your empty miles, please click below to rquest a carrier setup package.

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